Gabriela Liboreiro / Founder


Graphic designer, photographer and glass artist born in Necochea, Argentina. Currently living in Marbella, Southern Spain.  Since 2008 and for 12 years she has been Creative Director at Dos Semillas concept stores (Buenos Aires / Marbella). Her jewelry is crafted with the utmost care with cabouchon shaped materials.

“I wanted my collection to add fantasy to everyday life and to emphasize the volumetric side of jewellry in order to become a notorious accent of light and color. In times like these, of furious globalization, I celebrate my freedom to create signature jewelry without worrying about the vagaries of mass trends.”

Rafael Franquelo / Mktg. & Sales


Born in Malaga, Andalousia, Spain, He has developed his professional career in the automotive sector for more than 30 years, representing international luxury brands.

“My objective is always to provide the best customer experience, even in an online environment. Our goal is the excellence.”

The brand


Liboreiro is an Argentine-Spanish brand creating unique pieces of contemporary jewelry. Designed by Gaby Liboreiro and carefully crafted, the 2021 collection surprises with a colorful palette deployed in voluminous yet lightweight pieces, with predominantly rounded shapes and ultra-soft textures. A balanced dialogue between sophistication and simplicity.

Our packaging

Our gift boxes, covered in elegant metallized paper are made out of rigid cardboard, they measure 16 x 16 x 3 cm. and the luxurious interior include a special filling to keep the jewels fully fixed in place so that they arrive in perfect condition. Your package will include one gift box per item,  unless you specify otherwise.  Sometimes two or three small pieces that make up a set can be placed in the same box, if you expressly ask us. Otherwise, we will assume you wanted them in separated boxes.

We can also include a courtesy gift bag if requested. Please, for any special request, you can send us a message to info@liboreirostore.com stating in the subject the code of the operation.

Our lovely clients recently said...

“La elegancia de lo simple y lo sutil expresado en materiales nobles nos propone un juego entre lo rústico del cuero, lo noble del metal y lo mágico de las piedras. Diversos lenguajes que se entremezclan para crear algo más que colgantes, aros y anillos: arte que une lo etéreo y lo terrenal en una pieza -o constelación de ellas-. La línea que abraza la forma contiene universos infinitos y poéticos al tiempo que dibuja curvas y rectas que dirigen nuestra mirada en un encuentro único y personal. Como en toda expresión artística, la mirada del espectador completa la obra. La de Gaby Liboeiro se expresa en piezas ornamentales que nos invitan a viajar por pasadizos oníricos y personales. Un colgante ya no es un colgante cuando se transforma en un ojo que espía un bosque, un lago profundo encerrado en una burbuja, una galaxia en miniatura atrapada en cristales. Así, cada expresión es única y original, irrepetible y personal. Orgullosa tenedora de varias de estas piezas, celebro el arte en todas sus formas”

Julieta Strasberg, Buenos Aires


“I have often worn Gaby’s collection and love her colourful and contemporary approach to jewellery design. The bags are also amazing and off pieces that any lady would be delighted to own!”

Carina Mc Grath, London



“Integrarse sutilmente y con personalidad portando una pequeña porción de materia que has creado me sigue resultando el mejor presente que puedo dar a las personas que amo. Sigue creando para nosotras, también en Buenos Aires.”

Marta de Oliveira Cézar, Buenos Aires

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