Size guide


Our bracelets are designed to stay exactely where you like; neither too tight nor too loose. That’s why they have adjustable closure!
The size indicates the closed bracelet perimeter from its minimum position (in cm.) to its maximum position.
So first you need to measure your wrist with a ribbon. Afterwards, please measure the ribbon with a ruler.
And now just make sure that this number is in between the size of the bracelet!


The published rings follow the U.S.A. system. If you hesitate about the right size of a ring, we suggest that you put a ring
that you’re comfortable with over a ruler (cm.) and look for the maximum wide at the inner side of it.
Now that you know the perfect diameter for your ring, use the following table to convert it to U.S.A ring size system.
If you can’t find exactly the size you need, write to us so that we can advise you.

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